Craig Summers Music - composer and sound designer -

Below you can find some expamples of music I've composed for video games, short films and podcasts.

Video games

Below are some example pieces of music that I've composed, arranged and mixed for imaginary video games.

I am skilled across most genres, but I specialise (and really enjoy) composing for the sci-fi / fantasy genre.

I'm a piano player so this often forms the building blocks of my pieces, and I think creating a memorable melody and atmosphere is key to player immersion.

Short films

I composed, performed and recorded two piano pieces (@ 22:43 & 28:30) for the short film 'In the Near Light', directed by Tom Oliver (Midnight Movies)

They were recorded on an acoustic piano, which lends a real ambient and etheral tone to the music, which complements the narrative of the film.

You can hear/watch the entire film below.


Below is a piece of music that I composed, recorded, arranged and mixed, that has been adopted as the theme music for the podcast 'People Developing People', by Matthew Bellringer.

You can listen to the podcast here.